Thursday, March 19, 2009

Earth Hour - Landmarks

continued with my previous post Earth Hour on 28/3/2009..

here is the updated for the landmarks that participate for earth hour program.. b4 that,
watch this video. It's an awesome awesome song.

Landmarks : KL Sentral

KL Sentral, Malaysia’s largest transit hub which houses :

  • A World-Class Transit Hub
  • Corporate Office Towers and Business Suites
  • International Hotels
  • Luxury Condominiums
  • Retail Malls & Serviced Apartments
Will go dark in support of Earth Hour 2009!

Landmarks : KL Tower Switches Off For Earth Hour

KL Tower will be going dark on the 28th of March in support of Earth Hour! Watch this landmark tower go dark from various locations around KL.

Landmarks : Malaysian Icon, Penang Bridge Joins Earth Hour

Photo Credits :

One of the longest bridges in the world and in Malaysia will be going dark for one hour in support of Earth Hour!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Earth Hour

New Topic

It's not going to be some boring old shit.

Cause what I am about to show you here is something phenomenal.


Toronta Canada.


On Earth Hour.

What is this? City went blank? Power Cut?

This is called the Earth Hour, a world wide charity project to raise awareness aka a powerful message to the rest of the world that everyone can make a difference to our climate change now.


Save electricity, save water, recycle, etc. Save our world.

What started as a city project in Sydney in 2007 where 2.2 millions households and businesses joined together to switch off their lights for one whole hour on 31 March.

Canberra, Australia before and during Earth Hour.

But a year later the project went global and more than 370 cities in 35 cities participated in this project.

oo... lookie! Dubai!

This year WWF (not wrestling ok) Malaysia has signed Malaysia up for this global event. And Earth Hour 2009 is targeting to reach one billion people! Over 1000 cities!

Wouldn't it be nice to see the Petronas Twin Tower and the whole of Bukit Bintang to go pitch black for one whole hour! Everyone will be shouting on the street I bet.

So jot this date and time down.

Saturday 28 March 2009, 8:30pm

In fact there will be a lot of events going on in Bukit Bintang, Sunway, Mont Kiara and most happening of all, Capital Square!

I heard there will be marching parade in Cap Square during Earth Hour, and even the Malaysia Artiste for Unity will be performing there!

You never heard of them?! SHUT UP! How can?!

So let's switch off our lights altogether okay? If you'll still be in the office during that time, show this to your boss and ask him to participate!! Else, come out to town, walk the street and join us to march the parade!

Make us proud Malaysians!!

ps// don't forget to sign up and pledge your support on the website. So that they can keep track.

pps// This is an event for the whole of Malaysia :D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

award cik mimie

Peraturan untuk menerima award ini ialah :

1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" ini untuk diletakkan di blog anda..

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberi award ini kepada anda..

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.. (korang bagi 5 fakta & 5 hobi pon boleyy!)

4. Anda perlu memilih penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda..

5. Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah di tag..

this award given by Mimi Zuraihan@ Cik_Mimi.. my schoolmate from SekolahMenengah Sains Sultan Mahmud (SeSMa) Terengganu
thanks to her ..

she give this award yestarday .. 7/3/2009

10 perkara yg anda ptut tahu mengenai si blogger ini~(Fakta@Auta) ala2 Era FM..

1. seorang lelaki.. datangnya dari terengganu .. no 6 from 8 siblings

2. suka mendegar lagu... layan movie .. karok E.. xske menari dan x reti

3. suka menghabiskan masa depan laptop .. men game /movie/

4. suke jumpe si dia .. hehe .. jauh ooo .. bile la bleh jupe lagik ~~~nananananana

5. jam 12.04 am.. feb 7 86 .. mula melihat dunia .. haha .. pagi esok nya dah ade nama dah ..

6. hobby... ske cari pluang2 tmbah duit .. ~~~tp x kaya2.. haha

7. layan travian .. server 2 n 3

8. ske juga buat jokes.. tp nak brenti da buat joke.. asyik jadi 'aku'..

9. sorang yg membosankan

10. ske survivor kot .. haha ..

ok cik mimi .. siap la kot ..

so, award ini telah ditujukan kpd:

:::kepada sapa2 yg nak :::


1st Tag

lalalala... i got tagged from somacho @SO @suhaidi Omar ..
this my 1st tagged for this blog.. he tagged me last week ..

utk amik ati .. aku pun memberi respond la skit..
1) Print screen your desktop/laptop background in Paint
2) Then, crop into 2 parts
3) Insert 3 pictures of it in your entry (image size:LARGE)
4) Write something about it
5) Tag your friends...

this is my new wallpaper for my laptop.. nothing spesel .. just my face only .. i take this pic using my handphone la .. n also edit using my phone .. hehe .

am i handsome ??? hahaha... so .. SO , already respond to your tag ..

Now .. i pass this tagged to :

1) my luve .. nadzrah
2) cik_mimi (nasib ko la .. x ramai lagik mmber blog ni )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

update info for 2nd march 2009

haha ..
why? why ? why ?
nothing special for this post .. just want to change my typing language to english ..
so dat i can improve my langunage .. im sorry if my grammar will make u laugh ..haah

today.. as usual ..wake up in the morning ... argghh .. damn.. too tired ..
continued with my sleeping .. haha .. but b4 dat must set alarm clock .. coz i hav class on 12pm

yaya .. lot of asgment havent done yet aiyarkk .. forgot .. today i hav test n quiz for ppc .. just answer without study .. haiyark.. thanks and credit to gjoe for lend me ur calculator..

settle down all test, quiz and asignment.. now time to go home.. damn .. day is still raining .. and for the 1st time in this sem i forgot to bring my rain coat .. so just ride in the raining day without rain coat.. arrived home .. change clothes and start to sleep .. ya

too bored today ..

ok .. see u in my next post. ..

Sunday, March 1, 2009


akhir2 ini byk kali ym aku diganggu oleh sifulan sifulan yg x bertanggungjawab ..
pening duk dgr kene buzz jer dgn ym2 durjana ni .

hehe .. tp sebenarnya bukan diorang yg send ym tu kat aku .. myb mnde ni berlaku akibat kecuaian diri memasing kononnya nak kuruskan badan mereka2 yg agak gempal, gumuk,brisi tanpa otot, dan seumpamanya ..

sbb ym tersebut tertulis .. spt ni contohnya .:

Wanna lose a lot of weight without diets or excercise? Kathy and I have both lost over 30 pounds in a couple weeks just by taking Acai pills daily, the same ones that Oprah talked about on her show. They are only five dollars to try, We get them from

kononnya berhasrat nak tau rahsia nak ringankan badan2 beliau .. 30 pound 2 minggu .. ish..
bile dah tekan jer website2 yg tertera kat msg tersebut .. automatik .. id ym dia plak akan rajin meng buzz kan diri pada id2 lain dalam contek beliau .. perihal bergini la yg mengganggu kehidupan ym aku seharian .. kalu korang2 terima msg2 ym durjana spt tu .. jgn la rajin kan diri utk mgklik website2 tu ... nnt sahabat2 kalian pula akan menerima gangguan dari anda..

Mari tengok Qualiti HP masing2

sebab x tau aku nak sembang ape .. aku nak menulis la skit ..
sini ade skit2 yg nak share .. camne nak tau kualiti hp korang ..
mesti korang sume ade hp .. x kisah la ape jenis pon ..
sini cara nak tau dari mane hp korang buat ..

type *#06#

After you enter the code you will see a new code contain 15 digits:
43 4 5 6 6 1 0 6 7 8 9 4 3 5

- IF the digit number Seven & Eight is 02 or 20 that mean it was Assembly on Emirates which is very Bad quality :(
- IF the digit number Seven & Eight is 08 or 80 that mean it¢s manufactured in Germany which is not bad
- IF the digit number Seven & Eight is 01 or 10 that mean it¢s manufactured in Finland which is Good
- IF the digit number Seven & Eight is 00 that mean it was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality ... make sure ur hphone is under this no.
- IF the digit number Seven & Eight is 13 that mean it was Assembly on Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and very dangerous for health!!!

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